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This dealership is in Des Moines, Iowa

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I write this from the outside looking in. My son purchased a 97 Cadillac El Dorado from Prowell's Wholesale Auto in July and was lied to from the very beginning.

The salesman told them that they did not want any other car on the lot as this El Dorado was the finest on the lot.

When asked about things that needed to be fixed, my son was told that "Everything works just fine and there was no problems with the car at all".

Upon test driving the car it was discovered that the speedometer did not work, but he was assured that Prowell's would take care of that. They did fix that issue.

I went with him to pick up the car and it seemed to run just fine on the way home. However, the very next day as he was going to work the "Check Engine" light came on. Prowell's was called and son was told to bring it in and they would take care of it. The next day it was at the shop where they pulled it in, and in less time than it would take to read the code and take out the O2 sensor, the car was backed out and told the sensor was dirty and they had taken it out and cleaned it. ANOTHER LIE...They had cleared the code and called it good. In less than 24 hours again the "Check Engine" light came on for the same thing.

Next, the belt tensioner on the water pump went bad and allowed the car to get hot. We thought at first the thermostat had stuck and changed it out. While doing that, it was discovered that the heater core had been bypassed and the car had NO heat. ANOTHER LIE. Prowell's did have the car towed to their shop and do the labor on the water pump at their expense and my son paid for parts which were another $120.00. Upon retrieving the car from the shop, now it was discovered the turn signals no longer worked. Since they had worked before it was towed, it was up to them to fix the problem, which they did, but only after a huge scene at their office.

At this point my son had possession of the vehicle approximately 5 days that it was driveable. On August 13 I picked him and daughter up to go to the Straw Poll in Ames and the Cadillac was left sitting in Ankeny. When we returned and I dropped them off, they left and were on the way home when the "Check Engine" light started flashing and the engine lost all power.

It was at this point that it was decided that the car would be returned to the dealer as it had been misrepresented from the very beginning and there was no sense in throwing good money after bad.

My son was told when he returned the car that he could put the money he paid onto another vehicle and continue the contract. ANOTHER LIE.

Prowell's was suppose to call him back on Monday. ANOTHER LIE. Only after a visit in person was he called and asked to come in and talk to them and they would work it out.

At that meeting he was told that the dealer would find him a van and they could continue to do business. When he looked at a minivan on the lot was told that he could not have that one as it was sold and instead of all of the money he had paid, he would only be allowed half to be put on another vehicle..

Again THEY HAVE LIED as this all happened Aug. 13, and as of today, Sept.9, nary a word from anyone at the dealership.

I have nothing good to say about these people as they do not seem to honor their word on anything they say. This is not the way to treat the public if you wish to have their business.

IF I were looking for reliable transportation, Prowell's would be the very last place I would look. The misrepresentation of the vehicles on the lot has turned me away from ever darkening their doors again.

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this is posted on here twice and is *** that you expect a car lot to be able to predict the future if the belt tensioner wasnt bad when you bought it then how would anyone know its going to go bad so its not a "LIE" when they say it broke on you and if you werent such an a-hole you probly woulda found a lot of easy solutions to the problem

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