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We bought a car on Wednesday cash out right. We looked at the car about a week prior to buying.

When we test drove it my husband asked the sales guy Jim if it had an oil change. He told us they service all their cars. When we went back to buy the car I asked Lindsey (the owners wife) again has the car been serviced and she said yes. After writing the sales ticket and taking our money she decided to tell us they didn't have a title yet for the car and we could pick it up the next day.

After giving us the run around the next day we were finally told we wouldn't get the title until Tuesday of the next week. Then Friday after coming back from out of town the light came on showing low on oil; when we pulled over to check we discovered it was almost completely out and black. We went to Powell's on Saturday when Jim called Lindsey on the phone and she said I thought it was serviced. So Jim told us he would order the filter to have it there Monday and they would take care of it.

He also said they would reimburse us for the oil we already put in there. When we went today to drop off the car the owner said they wouldn't agree to such a thing and that he would do an oil change at the discount of $100. We explained the sales guy said he would take care of it and he said no he wouldn't. After we explained again he said well if he told you that then he didn't know how much an oil change cost in a car like that so we are not doing it.

He was very rude and said that is all he could do for us. So it's Monday and still no title and no oil change.

I wouldn't ever refer this car lot to anyone you would be a fool to by a car from them it will be nothing but headaches. Over priced and rude.

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I guess you thought it was helpful to post this TWICE..thinking it would make them look twice as bad.I could care less about this company , but for you to be so *** as to not have the car looked at by an outside mechanic and then complain you got ripped off sucks..BEFORE you took cash out of your pocket you should have had it checked and waited to complete the purchase until they could provide the title. You were not very smart with your money and its your own fault you got ripped off. Next time dont ask if they serviced the car.Pull out the dipstick and LOOK YOURSELF..DUH!

to SMART ***SUMER Glenwood, Iowa, United States #706882

I guess I can care less to but if it cost $100 for oil change and he had the money to pay for a car that would require that well as far as I'm concerned he would have the money to have someone check it for him.for the most part doesn't matter who you are with your poor or rich when you got your car dealer and buy a car with cash or credit you get excited and happy about he probably didn't think about that I would have because I have OCD .but with as many cars I have purchased in the in thepast 25 years cash or credit danie everybody for most everybody get excitedyeah hundred dollars for an oil change not saying I was but I don't cost that much if my memory serves me correctly would be a newer Porsche the engine is in the middle of the car and the normal backyard mechanic cant change it has taken to a mechanic!in most everybody marks or undergoes a thorough inspection on their vehicle but there are guys out there that are just plain vehicle *** which makes us guys look bad. to know about vehicles .another there are other gentlemen out there .like my girlfriends brother father and my and friends and other people have have gotten swindled by very persuasive sales people and car dealers as well as this guy for things that were wrong with the car and I know from my perspective even though I thoroughly inspected and take it to a mechanic.

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