We bought a car cash out right on Wednesday from Prowell's Auto in Des Moines that we were told was serviced by the sales man Jim. At the final time of sale the owners wife Lindsey said yes it was serviced.

After paying them the $4800.00 and her making out the bill of sale she then informed us "I am so sorry but we don't have the title for this yet but you can pick it up tomorrow." I called the next day and Lindsey said the owner wasn't in yet and he is the one that would need to get out title and she would call us back. Never heard back from her so I called her again and she said he still wasn't in so she would have to call me back. Finally at the end of the day I called and was informed that I couldn't get my title until the following week. On Friday we were coming home from out of town when all the sudden the light came on and said low or no oil.

So we pulled over to find we had very little oil that was black after being told they serviced it. So on Saturday we got up and went to the dealers and spoke to Jim again. Jim called Lindsey (owners wife) and told her of the situation and over the phone she said yes I thought it was serviced. Jim told us to drop it back off on Monday and he would do the oil change for us and pay us for the oil we already bought.

When we went in today the owner was there and he said they would never agree to that and that he would charge us the reduce rate of $100.00 or we could buy the oil and he would change it. He also said his wife and his sales person would never agree to these terms. Then he said well if his sales person did then he didn't know how much it cost to have the oil changed in our car so he wasn't going to honor it. Don't ever buy a car from these people they have told one lie after another.

We totally got cheated I love the car but after spending that kind of cash I didn't think we would have to put this kind of money in it right off the bat.

I am going to call the BBB to see about getting my money back now and I will never refer their business to anyone.

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